Software development has more commercial dangers attached to it now than it did ten years ago.

Hardly a week goes by where I do not see or read some horror story. A quick Internet search for "software project failure" will be enough to scare any company looking at spending a small fortune on a system that will revolutionise business practices.

Free Software

Download WeatherWatch III here. The executable is contained within a zip file ( 2.8Mb)

WeatherWatch III

WeatherWatch III

WeatherWatch is a simple program that downloads from the Internet and displays Met. Office weather maps. The maps cover 00, 24, 36, 48, 60,72, 84, 96 and 120 hours. Each downloaded map states it validity top left, example "Analysis Chart valid 12 UTC FRI 29".

The maps may be printed, they are A4 and require to be printed "landscape" but the maps are scaled to print to the selected paper size.

The Get Weather.. menu connects to the Internet and downloads the latest maps, progress can be monitored in the status bar (bottom of application screen). If you have a good quality connection the maps should download in less than a couple of minutes but the server they are stored on does get very busy at peak time (lunch times) and may time out. If so just restart the application and try later.

The Animate > Sequence animates the map series to give an idea of weather pattern movement over the next 120 hours.

If you wish to Register, feel free - no catches, you will just be notified of any changes or updates as and when they happen.

Fit To Screen
Click to maximize the application and fit the map to your screen width, this allows you to see more detail. Vertical scrolling will still be required on most screens.

I hope you enjoy using this application but there is no substitute for professional weather advise so please use wisely and remember this product is free so if you paid for it please let me know. On rare occasions, for technical reasons beyond my control, the maps do not get updated on the server so do check the date/time after a download!