Software development has more commercial dangers attached to it now than it did ten years ago.

Hardly a week goes by where I do not see or read some horror story. A quick Internet search for "software project failure" will be enough to scare any company looking at spending a small fortune on a system that will revolutionise business practices.

Automotive Aftermarket

Cataloguing is the bread and butter of this sector, without accurate data returns can be prohibitively expensive for the distributor. To reduce the error rate in-house catalogues are constantly updated. Unfortunately, this is of little value unless the data is available to the end user instantaneously.

Whilst web sites have their place they are notorious for a lack of browser compatibility, complexity of design, they are prone to *attack by those with nothing better to do or with a view to data theft. By the development of a native windows application greater security of data comes by default along with robustness of application, it will look the same on all screens and its functionality will be extensible.

Above is an example of a cataloguing application with a live data feed, as the data is edited by the staff in the office it is immediately available to the end user, no weekly/monthly updates to wait for. Provisional order enquiries can also be added by just collecting minimal data, post code for shipping costs, registration plate for positive vehicle identification, email, phone and name.

* "sql injection" and "javascript security" are just two search phrases for those that wish to know more.